Wherever your board takes you

&Board connects riders – on water, snow or concrete – all across the world with a global network of boardsports experts. Our boardmasters will help you conquer your specialty, discover new passions and skills while becoming integral part of a growing community of likeminded enthusiasts and adventurers

Easy like having Fun

  • Pick your Destination - explore our list of amazing riding spots all across the world and choose where your board will take you next
  • Find you Boardmaster - browse our roster of passionate and versatile riders and select the expert that suits you
  • Choose your Experience - customize your stay, add the extra activity or package that will make for an unforgettable adventure

Wakeboarding in Brazil with a champion?

Yoga and surf in Bali?

Skateboarding and cooking lessons in Italy?

Whichever experience you choose, you can rely on our brilliant and personable boardmasters. Discover the world, find new passions and ride just like a local.

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Boardmaster Opportunities

&Board opens up new scenarios for boardmasters seeking entrepreneurial opportunities. If you love to board and want to share your skills and home with others, consider being a host; This could be the start of something really awesome for you.